Environmental, Health & Safety laws are paramount to employers and differ from country to country. The Basani Group SA Compliance System assures that local legislation is accurate and relevant to all locations, and eliminates client concerns when needing to abide by in-country laws regarding Health and Safety and building standards.


Through a consistent application of our 24/7/365 philosophy, the Procurement Department has grown significantly over the past decade. Its responsibilities have evolved from administrative work order processing, into a highly strategic commercial offering, available to both Basani Group SA internal departments and clients. Through the department’s ongoing development and implementation of innovative strategies considerable cost reductions, budgetary efficiencies in association with both supply chain partners and clients are realized.

Staffing Solutions

For companies who decide to carry out mechanical, IT technicians, drivers, electrical and plumbing services in-house but can’t find the experience and knowledge required can benefit from the Basani Group SA Staffing Solution service.