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What it Takes Basani Group SA

Basani Group SA (Pty) Ltd is an energetic, driven and multi-faceted organization housing a comprehensive range of expertise to the Cleaning & Hygiene, Security Services, Catering Services, Facilities Management, Steel Works and Energy, Information Technology, and Procurement. Consolidated in 2016, Basani delivers all-inclusive solution spanning quality designs and innovative thinking. The group is performance driven and committed to building long-term relationships through quality services delivered alongside ridged safety standards and outside workmanship.


Quality, value and satisfaction with national reach and local focus

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24/7/365 responsive global network of service and assistance

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A centralized, highly efficient and cost-effective approach to building management services

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Integrated Green design and energy
led engineering

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The Basani Group SA Services

The Basani Group SA Service is our integrated four-part method of delivering scalable services, sustainable energy solutions, engineering services, support functions and customer satisfaction.

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Basani Group SA creates innovative solutions in the facilities services industry.

At Basani , our business is built around delivering solutions to the facilities services industry  that exceed our clients’ expectations. Basani is an expert in facilities management services and specialist  in mechanical, Steel Works services and energy management . Contracts are supported by our experienced managers and facilities support personnel including licensed building engineers.

Partnership for Peace of Mind

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